Thomas Lawrence, Leopold I of Belgium

just fyi, my original artwork is going to be tagged ‘afieldtripp’ so that it can go on my instagram and society6 as well as here

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moody flower boy. I’m trying a different way to color/ink. 

I finally meet someone, who doesn’t believe in the moon landing




Namibia’s Hipsters: From the sapeurs of Kinshasa, the fashionistas of Lagos and to the streets of Jozi, vintage style is trending in Africa.   

Designer, tailor and stylist Lourens Loux Gebhardt of Loux the Vintage Guru is now collaborating with Khumbala, a group of stylists and designers from Johannesburg, to launch a street-style website that seeks to inspire Africans to step out in style and introduce them to the merits of vintage fashion.

A fashion revolution in the making; “When we collaborate we call ourselves LIA (Love is African), and we’re currently playing a big part by simply inspiring fashionistas around the African continent.”

Usually decked out in well-cut 60’s suits, tweed jackets, round spectacles and trilby hats, Lourens explains, “Many people aren’t interested in wearing vintage, they just see it as used clothing… I manage to dress myself cheaply and end up looking like a million bucks.”

photos: ©Harness Hamese and ©Lukas Amakali. all rights reserved

h/t The Guardian

Just saw a fucking Lamborghini truck monstrosity, but you know. whatever. it’s socal

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I made a APH 60 minute daily drawing twitter account (of the likes of ywpd_69min and HQ_69min)!! Please follow at APH60min_en and signal boost if you like!


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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neutrality (by LastWeekTonight)

A brilliant overview and critique of Net Neutrality (“the only two words more boring in the English language are ‘featuring Sting’”). Especially if you’re American, please do me a personal favor and just watch. Then go here (and keep trying - don’t let the site crashing keep you from having your say).



this is just a big joke to you isn’t it, tumblr?

fuck. fu ck

There’s a post on my dash

from someone I don’t follow?????

hobbies masterpost!


a really excellent way to reduce anxiety is to pick up a new hobby. find something you’re interested in, learn it, then use it as a healthy and productive way to cope.

I’m officially CPR first aid certified!!

I recommend everyone get this training, the certification lasts 2 years and the class was only 8 weeks long

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but you’re my flame




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oh no i’m gonna cry with austria